During 2016 I decided to film my family and friends recipes so future generations could benefit from them.

Douglas had spent almost a year in Germany and brought this Chicken Stir Fry recipe back with him.

Scott and Douglas about 30 years ago


2 x Chicken Breast

Jack Daniels (JD) Barbecue Sauce

2 Onions

2 Broccoli

Add in some vine tomato’s for extra flavour

Salt and Pepper


Prep onions and broccoli, fry chicken on a medium heat add the Jack Daniels Barbecue Glaze. Cook until chicken is cooked through. Add onions and broccoli plus more JD sauce. Add some vine tomatoes for extra flavour.


Born in February 1960 Philip had a great idyllic childhood and loving parents. His mother Rita was a great cook and Philip learned a lot from his mother. Rita was not shy to try different types of food. Philips childhood was spent cruising and foreign holidays so he was able to appreciate various foods and tastes from different countries.

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