Lockdown has focused all of us and when you only have one delivery a week some frozen food becomes the norm.

Over the last year we have bought many types of fresh and frozen chips. Maris Piper potatoes seem to give better fresh cut chips but with one major downside…oil.

There is nothing worse than the smell of stale chip oil in someones kitchen. The whole kitchen feels and looks greasy and I should know…that was my older kitchen.

This time we are determined to have a fat free kitchen so with a lot of experimentation I bring you my clear winners both fresh and frozen chips all done in the Air Fryer.

We now use an Air fryer called a Ninja Foodi (OP300UK) for all our chips both fresh and frozen, why the Ninja, it has a great capacity of 6L. All you need to remember is to open the lid about half way through and move the chips in a circular motion.

There are a wide variety of frozen chips out there but if you are after the good old fashioned chip flavour with a good crispy coating look no further than the Taste the Difference, triple cooked frozen chips from Sainsburys all done in the Air Fryer. (Takes 16m for a portion for two people at 210℃).

Serving 125g Energy 232cal Fat 9.5g Saturates 3.1g Sugars 0.5g Salt 0.29g

If you prefer non frozen chips that cook very well in your Air Fryer without any extra oil check out the new Albert Bartlett Classic Fries from Lidl at £1.35 or Sainsburys at £1.50. (Note these chips have been frozen during the production before returning to chill temperature).

With all of us in Lockdown at the moment paying the extra at Sainsburys may be a safer option as Sainsbury’s will deliver your weekly shopping. Note. Don’t over cook these I find 10 minutes in the Ninja Foodie at 210℃ does the trick.

As far as fat content is concerned both these frozen and fresh chips are about the same with just over 9g of fat.

Serving 150g Energy 279cal Fat 9.6g Saturates 0.9g Sugars 0.3g. Salt 0.80g


Born in February 1960 Philip had a great idyllic childhood and loving parents. His mother Rita was a great cook and Philip learned a lot from his mother. Rita was not shy to try different types of food. Philips childhood was spent cruising and foreign holidays so he was able to appreciate various foods and tastes from different countries.

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