Episode 3 Season 5. Here is a recipe that my sister sent me for potato scones or Tattie scones as they are called in Scotland. Amazingly if you move to Australia as my nephew Douglas did you can’t get potato scones in the supermarket.


500g potatoes (Rooster, King Edward or Maris Piper are best)

100g flour (plain or self raising) plus extra for dusting.


Bring to boil & cook until a knife goes through potato easily. 

Drain and let the steam evaporate. 

Mash thoroughly with butter & add a teaspoon of salt. 

Allow to cool completely. 

Add in flour and knead until you get a firm dough. 

If it’s too sticky just add in a little more flour. 

Dust work surface with flour and roll or pat out to about 5mm thick. 

Use a small plate to cut round and then cut into quarters but you can go free hand. 

Heat a dry frying pan to a medium heat. No oil needed.  

Cook for about four mins until lightly browned then flip over and repeat on other side.   

Best eaten hot with lashings of butter but can be reheated easily in the toaster. 


Born in February 1960 Philip had a great idyllic childhood and loving parents. His mother Rita was a great cook and Philip learned a lot from his mother. Rita was not shy to try different types of food. Philips childhood was spent cruising and foreign holidays so he was able to appreciate various foods and tastes from different countries.

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