Swiss Red Cabbage

You will get all the ingredients for Chris' Swiss Red cabbage below.

​​​​​Prep time 10 minutes, Hob time 20 minutes.

Start by chopping up an onion (Note : The onion is optional as the original recipe did not add any onion) adding it to a large pot with sunflower oil on a medium heat, then chop a red cabbage in half, slicing it into smaller chunks, add to the pot and stir. Add half a cup of malt vinegar then add a cup of Muscovado brown sugar, stir to caramelise. Add salt and pepper add the chopped apples then add the add the sultanas or raisins stir till finish.

Christmas twist...Add some loose cranberries instead of sultanas, and star anise (adds a smell of aniseed) and some zest of an orange.


Red Cabbage 
Cooking apples x2
Onion Chopped
Malt Viginar half a cup
Muscovado Sugar
​Salt and Pepper