You will get all the ingredients for my Lentil soup below

Lentil soup

Prep time 15 minutes. Hob time 40 minutes
Start by wash 500G of lentils under a cold tap, this helps reduce cooking time. Add four 500ml of cold water into a 6.2L CASSEROLE PAN (24CM). Lastly add 500ml of ham stock (2 x Ham cubes in boiling water). Place pan on a high heat adding the washed lentils bring to the boil.
Now add the grated or spiralized carrot and chopped gammon steak (ham hock). I prefer the gamon steak as its more tender to eat once cooked.
This gives you a large amount of soup which you can freeze in pouches for later.

Red Split Lentils (500g)
Carrot x3 (Grated)  or spiralized (Chopped finer)
Ham stock cubes
Gammon steak or a Ham hock