Mild Chicken Curry

You will get all the ingredients for a mild chicken curry below

​Prep time 20 minutes. Hob time 15mins
Start by making your poppadoms in 200 degree hot oil. Start your hob in a medium heat, chopping 2 chicken breasts into smaller pieces then add the coconut cream (250ml). Add 'Natures Finest Juice' which is not mango juice as you might expect, it's a mixture of apple, pear and pineapple. Reduce the mango chunks in a potato ricer as shown on the video. Q. Why dont I use fresh mango...simple, fresh mango is very unpredicatable in both texture and flavour.
Now add a sprinkle of mild (medium or hot) curry powder depending on taste, also adding salt and pepper, add 2 teaspoons of Mango Chutney. Once its reduced after at least 10 minutes add the double cream and the coriander leafs. Microwave Basmati rice for 2 minutes and serve with the fresh poppadoms adding the curry over the Basmati rice.

INGREDIENTS for 2 people

Start with the Sharwoods Poppadoms

Chicken Breast x2
Coconut Cream (250ml)
Natures Finest Juice (Mango) (400g)
Curry Powder (Mild) 1 spoonful x2 
Sharwoods Mango Chutney (2 x teaspoons)
Double Cream (300ml)
Fresh Coriander leafs

​Microwave Veetee Basmati Rice (2mins)