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Philip has been running the Small Video Company for 25 years. At the end of February 2016, just after arriving back from a trade show in London, Philip had a mini stroke.
The stroke has had a massive affect on Philip's life, changing his work practices.
"Mornings are the best for me as I get really tired late afternoons." "My voice was affected with a small stammer which has almost dissapeared."
In fact it's almost gone except when I am in a stressful situation like being filmed for One Roving Cook.

The stroke focussed me into realising how short life could actually be and that we are far from infallable.

The reason behind One Roving Cook...

It was while walking his dogs that Philip discovered how unfortunate some people are when it comes to cooking food.
A fellow dog walker told him that he not only cooks frozen sausages daily for himself and his dog but did not learn the skills of cooking as his mother died when he was a small child.
This got Philip on a mission, to help people who never got the same chances in life he got having a loving mother with a lot of patience, showing him how to cook. 

I started cooking well over 25 years ago and have on occasions attending cooking courses by the great Scottish chef Willie Pike. 

That's where I finally learned how to make a wonderful rich brown sauce for meat which includes cranberries and rosemary. I will be passing on my sauce recipes in my 2017 Christmas episode.

During 2007 my Aunt Isabel and myself attended Willie Pikes cooking course down at Troon.  (Me, back row, far right)

 The great Scottish chef Willie Pike. 

"Always on the hunt for a good potato"...Up until now the go to potato of choice has been the Maris Piper, but my sister has put me onto the Wilja potato.
​As a mash the Wilja is up there with the Maris Piper in taste and flavour and as a chip it certainly beats the Piper hands down. The Elfe from Albert Bartlet is also a great mash potato.


The Wilja is an older variety of potato mainly sourced from farms and good garden centres. I got my bag from Overtoun farm in the Clyde Valley for £10 (25kg bag). Its a late variaty. October is the best time to buy them. As you might guess, the supermarkets  didn't like the idea of a potato tasting like a potato so they dumped Wilja several years ago in favour of the blander Estima. Another great potato is the Elfe from Albert Bartlet bought in all Lidl stores, its especially good for mashing.A